The person and family cards used on this site were created from Reunion 10.0.6. Reunion is the best family history database software for Macintosh computers, and is published by Leister Productions. I have replaced the home page with one of my own, using EverWeb...


iWeb was the web authoring software issued with Macs, and was (still is!) dead easy to use: BUT it is no longer supported by Apple      . This version of the site has been made using the closest thing there is to iWeb: EverWeb. So that I can link my Reunion pages to those created by EverWeb (i.e. the Home, Index, Contact pages), I replace the Contents page from Reunion with my own, and modify the code in the person and family pages using MassReplaceIt to point to the correct EverWeb pages. EverWeb pages are best viewed in almost anything but Internet Explorer - so try Safari, Firefox, or Google Chrome please...


Is a fantastic, freeutility that allows multiple changes to HTML pages (or anything else for that matter). This is handy when you’ve got several thousand pages to change!


Gimp is a free open source image editing suite, a bit like Photoshop but free. I’ve used this to edit various images (such as the tree icons and the ancestor map). It's a bit clunky to use, but very powerful and you get used to it!


Once everything is ready, I use Cyberduck (another freebee) to upload files to the server.


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