Brick waLLs

Here are some of the frustrating brick walls I’ve come up against (there are many others, but these are especially annoying). If you think you can help, please contact me.


John was my great great great grandfather and was born (I believe) in 1811. I also believe his parents were William (born about 1790 in Hordle, Hampshire) and Amelia (née FRYER), also born about 1790 in Hordle. This parentage looks correct to me, as John named his third child Richard FRYER Dyett. None of this is substantiated though, and I cannot find anything further back than William and Amelia.

Mary ? (wife of William HASKELL)

Mary was my great great great great grandmother, apparently born in 1796 in Bramshaw, Hampshire. She married William HASKELL in about 1813, and had a number of children including Dianna. I don’t know her maiden name though - if this date of birth is correct, then she could be Mary SCOTT, married to a William HASKELL on 19 Sep 1819 Christchurch (IGI) - but probably not, as according to Pedigree Resource file this William’s father was Thomas and he was christened in 1793, not 1786; also, the daughter Dianna from the correct family was born 1815, well before this marriage. In the 1861 census Mary gave her place of birth as Salisbury (assuming that this is the same person!), but I’ve not made any firm connection to the mother of Dianna.

Sarah DYETT and Ann DYETT

Sarah (1835-1872) and her daughter Ann (1855-1896) were my great great and great grandmothers respectively. They both had children out of wedlock. Until and unless I get some DNA testing done, and assuming others related to the fathers have done the same, finding these fathers of their children is virtually impossible - unless someone knows something?

Ann DYETT and Charles BAYLESS

Great Grandmother Ann did eventually marry (Charles BAYLESS) and after having 3 children they emigrated to Argentina (see here for this story). I have tried to trace BAYLESS families in Argentina without success. Two are listed in phone books but I have not had a reply to my efforts to make contact. As BAYLESS (and its variants) is quite a common name in USA I have wondered if some of their children might have moved there. But so far, no luck.


Sarah, my GGGG grandmother, married John FARR in 1781 in North Bradley. There is some confusion in the data I’ve found online (no surprises there!) and I cannot locate a sensible set of parents for her. The North Bradley families in my tree (some of the FARRs, WILLIS, MERRETT, HARDING) may have been non-conformists and therefore their vital records may not have found their way into regular parish records. I have not yet paid for access to non-conformist records - must do so one day!

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