February 2016: Not much action lately! Have added a link to the Ancestry.co.uk tree buildling page (at their request).

April 2015: Database updated and all links checked, they all seem to be working....Fixed an issue with the search box where results were neatly hidden behind the home page photos (?). Hadn't realised this was happening!

February 2015: Finally migrated to Everweb. Let's hope all the links work! Also added a page about adoption: I've had this as a draft for a while, now seems the time to upload it. A new Google Custom Search box has been added - searches only this webite. The previous versions stopped working, another html mystery.

June 2014: Updated the first name lists. This hadn’t been done in ages, and the orders have changed somewhat. William is still top for the men, but now Elizabeth has asserted her ascendancy, so that my list conforms more now to the generally most popular names in England up until the 20th century. Also added a page of my father Alan Farr’s army record, and included his brother Donald on the list of Sticky Ends - both well overdue.

May 2014: Updated some broken links and added Saxton’s map of Dorset from 1579. Also some background and cosmetic changes to some pages: not sure I like all of them but its been a bit of fun. I see the Court-Batt tree icon only appears if I open the site locally, and not on the web. The tree works fine though.

March 2014: Have taken down the Google search facility as it was returning correct results, but only to .htm versions of the person or family pages, and not .html. Another mystery to solve...

February 2014: OK, major upload complete, new web cards in a new Reunion 10 style - not sure I like it as much the version 9 style though. Also fixed a number of broken links: its amazing what havoc a change from .htm to .html can wreak. Have also found that Reunion 10 cannot make a graphics file to take 30 generations, so I’ve restricted the Dyett-Farr and Court-Batt trees to 20 generations. The Court-Batt tree icon seems not to appear every time, I have no idea why.

February 2014: Links to person and family pages still not displaying properly! Grrrr. I will have to re-load them all, which takes time (and patience). I’m beginning to think an SQL database, with real time updates, is a good idea after all.

January 2014: Shifted hosting service recently so site has been down for the last few weeks. Strangely the photos display differently so I have to work out why that is and fix it! Have also added a Brick Walls page - this is as much as a reminder to me of the things I really want to know as it is a plea for help: only a few are listed now but there will be more added when I get the time.

November 2013: Some updated Family Stories information (House & Brunton, Dyett, Court) and a new page with Paul House’s military service history. The database is well overdue for an update!

February 2013: Have updated the broken maps. When the MobileMe service from Apple was discontinued these links broke, so I’ve repaired them using html widgets in iWeb.

December 2012: Recent research by Mark Wareham has cast doubt over the connection between the WRIGHT family and the STRANGEWAYS family. One day I’ll get round to updating all the family files to reflect this change. I have also added some more to the Farr and House Family Stories pages.

July 2011: Minor changes to nav bar and Home page.

May 2011: Have changed the code for the search box. This one seems to work better, but there is some overtyping under the box when the results are displayed and some names are just not “found”. Not sure how to fix this...

May 2011: OK, everything seems to be fine except the Google search box. For some reason it will not find all the terms its supposed to. For now, use the Surnames or Full Names lists. I’ll try to find a fix.

May 2011: We’ve moved! I suspect that the site was too well hidden to come up in most searches so have taken out a domain, and changed the name to reflect what most of this site is about - my mother’s family the DYETTs. Have also made more additions to the database thanks to Mark Wareham’s diligent work tracking down the pedigree for George WRIGHT. And this time I’ve actually uploaded everything.

February 2011: Minor cosmetic changes to a few pages, but still no database update! I keep adding bits and pieces, and with several thousand pages to upload, its better wait till I stop fiddling with them. Hopefully this will be soon...

August 2010: After much searching, have found a connection for the Court/Foreman family back to the medieval period. Once there, of course, there is more and more chance of finding common ancestors with, for instance, one’s wife. And so it is. Turns out we are 20th cousins twice removed (comfortably distant!), and our common ancestors are William GRANDISON and Sybil DE TREGOZ. An update of the whole database is overdue, so will tackle this asap (I see I made the same commitment in May!)

May 2010: Modified layout to make things easier to read (I hope); been having trouble getting the search box and hit counter to work properly, an issue I think with iWeb 09 which although has extra neat features over the 08 version, has lost some basic functions - really annoying ☹! Added 2 new pages - About this site, explaining how I made it, and Sticky Ends, short pieces on those who came to grief by unnatural causes. Been at work updating a few families, will upload these soon.

December 2009: Added hit counter to Home page. Bit late perhaps!

December 2009: I’ve held off adding bits and pieces, so today have uploaded a lot more family files, mainly filling out the medieval period as best I can and following some lines back to the Dark Ages. Sundry errors have been corrected as I’ve poked around in the database. I’ve also added:

-       a Google search facility on the Home page as an additional way to look for names, places etc within the site and outside

-   some more places to the interactive map

-   maps of UK counties and Europe showing where my direct ancestors came from

-   a redesigned Home page and navigation bar.

August 2009: Added new pedigree for William HICKFORD, after eventually finding his parents!

August 2009: Added a pedigree for Jane TEMPEST largely from the LDS site. Corrected some of the more obvious errors like missing links, spelling etc.

July 2009: Site launched at last! Its been a long time coming, with a few false starts, and much still to do. The last delay was caused by some new research by Mark Wareham that showed we had the parentage of Alice GIFFORD wrong. The old connections to the PAULET and POYNINGS families (and others) are still on these pages, and one day I will weed them out, but at least the GIFFORD connections are now correct. My major task is now to populate the map, include more sources, and follow up on lines that currently end after only a few generations.


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